My poor baby..

My cat gets completely terrified whenever someone else is in the house besides my family.

This morning she was trapped in the storage room and someone was here she didn’t know so she never came out. Company finally left and I went searching for  her calling her name. I finally found her in the midst of boxes she knocked down. I grabbed her immediately and to my horror she was SO DIRTY WITH DUST! ='( poor thing! Not to mention, my cat is PURE WHITE! I know she’ll clean herself off and my mom and I already tried getting as much of it off as possible, but how do you clean a white cat who appears to have just come out of an ashtray? =/

Poor thing. She is STAYING in my room from now on when company is over. No ifs, ands, or buts! D:

I love you Holly Dolly. <3



2 Responses to “My poor baby..”

  1. arielise Says:

    Haha. And she is a worrysome kid! She’s under my bed right now! And I’ll have to put some pics up sometime so you can see her! :D

  2. Jenna Says:

    Your cat sounds so cute!!!! you are such a worrysome mommy. :)

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