Poetry Club.

Just got out of poetry club. It was really fun, and since it’s February, we discussed all things love! Haha..

We went to this site, and it’s pretty neat… So if you wanna check it out, go right ahead!


We also had to write our own love poem. I’ll share mine here, but it was my first time writing a “found” poem and we only had 5 minutes to write it!

Here it is: I don’t have a title for it though. x)

Two worlds collided.

On a night no one saw coming.

When two souls never stopped talking.

Deeply connected, a feeling of heaven.

When eyes locked, hearts stopped.

And breaths were no longer taken for granted.

Commonly connected. Comfortably comforted.

Settled in one another’s thoughts.

Thoughts that flowed and never stopped.

Realizing the seeking could stop.



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