Haha! Cute! :-p

“As dearly departed R&B songstress Aliyah once said, Age aint nothin but a numbah! Unless you wanna go on a date.. in that case.. message me!”

-Lindi Ortega

& I asked her what tattoos she had, and I love the part I made bold. So funny! She is too darn cute! <3

“I have 5 tattooes, a chinese thing on my ankle, that’s supposed to be singer.. but I’m sure it means something like cow humper.. who knows.. and then I have a bird on my wrist, a star on my hip, a back tattoo of vines and flower things, and script on my other wrist that says “Bird On A Wire” my favorite Leonard Cohen song.”

Oh! She also said her favorite Disney character is Thumper from Bambi! *_* In my first job interview, I was asked what Disney character I would be and why.. I said Thumper from Bambi because he’s cute! (Deep answer, I know!) ;-p


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