Hollums just saw the vet.

… and did really well! Well for the most part… ;-)

At one point she did hop onto the counter and then onto the shelves and knocked everything down! D: but she got through just about everything else real well. I learned today that she possibly likes it in the butt! =O

Crazy cat on a car ride! =D

Overall, I found out that she’s not two, she’s four. She has quite a bit of tartar on her back teeth, so it’s time to start brushing them! She may possibly have allergies, and an auto-immune something or other. (Which is very common in white cats.) She lost a pound…lol. And we got some meds for her to take and such. Hopefully, that all goes down well! And she doesn’t need to wear a cone! The total came to $117.63.

I love my baby! Muah! ox!



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